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10 Sep Discounted diamonds
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Use cryptocurrency (USDT) to purchase discounted diamondsI only need $85 for a 10000 diamond that was originally priced at $99, so you can enjoy a cheaper diamond.Safe and fast, it does not affect the use of your game account and will not result in p..
09 Sep LUNAR  RSS  Urgent reminder
koarss 0 161
Recently, the official modification of the game by King Avalon has led to a sharp decrease in the production of iron and silver mines. We cannot change this, so in the game, iron and silver mines have become very precious.Therefore, I have raised the..
16 Aug
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Why do I enter when I enter is a link to the website and a way to access itself is not a website, please remember the real address of the website: Next time, welcome t..
09 Aug The Demon Realm Reaches Again(FAE-King of avalon)
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After entering the season of the Phantom Realm, the map of the entire kingdom will undergo significant changes, with a higher level of refinement in terms of image quality than the original map.There are a total of five areas on the map of the entire..
02 Aug 《State of Survival》Resource Acquisition
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State of Survival is a brand new realistic style strategy survival mobile game created against the backdrop of the end of the world. Here, players will build their own secure base and recruit survivors from the abandoned soil. Players can build vario..
25 Jul King of Avalon(KOA)
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King of Avalon(KOA) is an interesting strategy game. The background of the game is the era of empire. You are the king of Avalon. Everything here is waiting to be built. At the same time, you can also recruit troops, find allies, and embark on the pa..
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